Sponsorship Opportunities

The Alaska Native Health Board (ANHB) is a 503(c) non-profit and depends on the generosity of volunteers and sponsors to host national and special events in Alaska that promote collaboration and cultural celebration.


National Tribal Health Conference and Public Health Summit

ANHB will welcome the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) to Alaska this Spring (May 1-5, 2023), where we will be the local host for two NIHB conferences: the National Tribal Health Conference and Tribal Public Health Summit. NIHB works with Tribal Organization’s across the nation to unite and host activities that showcase their rich cultures and traditions to Tribes from across the country. These events work towards spotlighting local communities, enriching cultural links, and strengthen Tribal ties.

ANHB is seeking to engage with sponsors who wish to actively support our mission of promoting the spiritual, physical, mental, social and cultural well-being and pride of Alaska Native people. These efforts will go toward tribal health initiatives that align with our mission.


Hosting national events that allow us to showcase our Alaska Native culture and traditions to Tribes across the country would not be possible without our sponsors. Your support and consideration is greatly appreciated. Quyanna.


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