Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Regional Hospital Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Date Posted: June 10, 2022       Categories: News




Earlier this month, ANHB leadership participated in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for their newly expanded hospital. At the event, ANHB received a recognition award for ANHB’s collective partnership and advocacy. We commend YKHC for their collaborative effort with many partners in bringing their vision to fruition. This project emphasizes the significance of the Alaska Tribal Health System and how through collaboration we can better ensure the health and well-being of our Tribal Citizens.  When touring the facility it was evident how self-determination and self-governance emphasized the importance of incorporating the YK Region’s culture and values into the delivery of healthcare services.





Alaska Tribal Health Compact Final Negotiations

Date Posted: May 25, 2022       Categories: News

Last week, ANHB along with the Alaska Tribal Health Compact (ATHC) cosigners participated in final negotiations with the Indian Health Service (IHS). Many discussion topics were covered, including IHS’s Health IT Modernization Program, nationalization of the CHAP Program and how changes in the new mandatory funding for IHS in the Presidential budget for FY 23 would affect the Alaska Tribal health system. Co-Signers strongly advocated for accurate representation of the unique characteristics of ATHS in providing fair funding to Alaska Native people. Although final negotiations end this week, there will be continued conversations between IHS and the Co-Signers on Village Built Clinics and 105(l) leases, as well as IHS visits to rural villages.